with love from Lille (1983)

With love from Lille

Dear Hiral, having a lovely time. Eating lots of French fattening stuff, but not speaking much French (have lost my voice almost completely which doesn’t help!) See you soon. Love Anne xxx

The card features L’église St Maurice in Lille, which, on the reverse of the card, is described as the capital of the north [of France].

It’s Postmarked ’22h 4-12 1983′ and carries a 2 franc Liberté de Gandon stamp which was issued in 1983.

See how, as she’s in France, Anne has used the French form of address – M’elle, short for Madamoiselle or ‘Miss’ – that’s a nice touch!

The message gives little away – why was she there in December? Who, if anyone, was she with?

Anne and I chose different routes after college; she continued on to university while I travelled and worked abroad, but we always stayed in touch via letters or cards and continue to do so 🙂


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