with love from Rio de Janeiro (2016)


Hiya! So Rio has been amazing. I am very excited to have some time off to explore properly, we are definitely going up this monument for the standard Rio photo! I have seen both the gymnastics & judo so far which is already more than I was expecting & both had incredible atmosphere! I can’t quite get over the fact that I am here after our convo 4 years ago! Love you both Tallulah x

A recent card, with a blurred postmark – although the Olympic Rings are just visible on the lower edge of the postmark.

I love the red, 1 riyal stamp with its illustration of a manicurist! More information on this definitive series here.

The picture on the front has to be one of the most famous and iconic views in the world.

Another one from my daughter, Tallulah, who continues to enjoy her job and is seeing some amazing places in the process. During London 2012 the we were lucky enough to be at Dornay Lake and then the Olympic park on Super Saturday but Tallulah was working away, so missed all the excitement. She was quite disappointed and vowed that she would be in Rio for the subsequent games – amazingly work took her there – hence her final comment above 🙂 

with love from Chamonix, France (2016)

With love from Chamonix

To Mum, It’s my birthday. I’m sat in a pizza place with Jake. It rained today so we slept and ate a lot of nutella. Tomorrow we are getting up early to go up to the Aguille du Midi to do a famous/classic climb called Cosmique’s Arête, which finishes by climbing over the fence onto the veranda of the Aguille du Midi. for your blog. Love Stormé xxx

The poster style design on this card really appeals to me, I love the paring down of information and use of colour blocks.  Chamonix is, of course, a world famous centre for skiing and mountaineering and was the venue of the first ever Winter Olympics in 1924. Stormé is obviously taking the opportunity to explore as much as she can.

Postmark dated 04-07-16 the card also carries the 2013 Marianne stamp.

Stormé is my daughter, she embraces life and has travelled extensively; a keen skier and mountaineer, who loves a challenge.  Despite having a summer birthday it generally rains for her; so the weather comment is no surprise!  Stormé loves chocolate in any form. She is caring and beautiful;  I love her unconditionally and I am very proud of her.


with love from Corfu (2015)

With love from Corfu

To Mum & Dad x Been to some pretty cool places recently but missing the famolam!♥ Hope home life is still plodding along… Cannot wait for some QFT in October ☺ Love you both lots – Thanks for all the support hugs & kisses Tallulah (aka: your ‘seafarer’ daughter ☺)

This carries the postmark ‘TZABPOY 24.08.15’ which I have identified as the tiny hamlet of Tzavros on Corfu, Greece. The stamp is very colourful featuring an underwater scene and is part of a set issued in 2015 entitled ‘Diving Tourism’, promoting Greek tourism and the diving opportunities to be found there.

The picture on the front is self explanatory featuring the old town and fortress of Corfu which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The use of symbols and punctuation identifies this as a 21st century message which is simply ‘missing you and looking forward to seeing you’.

Tallulah is my daughter who travels the world working as a super yacht deckhand; this billionaire industry is jaw dropping…  Tallulah loves being on the water and her trips home are becoming less frequent. However, in October 2015 we did enjoy QFT (quality family time) when she was back for a few weeks. Home life does, indeed, plod along – that’s the beauty of home; always there and always more or less the same – enduring security and insurance for the traveller! Like all daughters Tallulah is beautiful; I love her unconditionally and I am very proud of her.


with love from Budapest, Hungary (2015)

with love from Budapest

To Mum, Dad, Stormé, Gus, Belchior & probably a few dogs. Hope you are all having a good day 🙂 I have been exploring Budapest today – went in the Parliament Building & actually listened to some facts Mum – be proud! 96m high with 691 rooms! wow! This pic shows the Buda castle which was also very beautiful – loving all the architecture! Off to Sziget festival tomo to see Avicci & Kasabian play 🙂 Then onto Vienna & Italy! Hope trainings going well Gus, M&D having some QCT & Stormé have fun with Jake! Lots of love Jas xxxx

A recent delivery; postmarked ’19 08 15 Wien’ this carries a ‘Standard Europa’ Austrian stamp, as finding both a stamp and post box in Budapest apparently proved too difficult!

In the light of the recent problems in Budapest this description from a few weeks earlier hardly seems like the same city.

Much exciting status update info is contained in the text and note the modern usage of ‘text speak‘ abbreviations, plus plenty of exclamation marks and smiley faces – all very 21st century – compared with the writing of the 1970’s and 80’s.

Jas is my daughter who, this summer, went inter-railing in Europe. Belchior is a foreign student who is staying with us at the moment; I also offer a dog sitting service; the house can be quite hectic at times! M&D is (obviously) short for ‘Mum & Dad’, and QCT stands for ‘quality couple time’; as opposed to QFT, ‘quality family time’, both of which are slightly tongue in cheek (family) references to the importance of spending (quality) time together. Like all daughters Jas is beautiful; I love her unconditionally and I am very proud of her.