with love from Teignmouth (1972)

Dear Hilary, Having a lovely time, I have just been to my uncles farm And seen all his horses And we went to the beach a few times and went in the sea Love Helen

This is one of the oldest postcards that I have – the postmark date is August 1972

The other postmark is asking us all to ‘Remember to use the post code’.

The stamp cost 3p (first class) which is approximately 37p in 2014

The view of the railway along the coast remains unchanged (although it was devastated by the storms in early 2014) however the trains have been updated slightly.

I have lost touch with Helen.

6 thoughts on “with love from Teignmouth (1972)

  1. How amazing the 1970s now seem and there was time then, to send postcards, to make a fool of oneself in a funny clothes and not “know it all”. Rose tinted glasses can be fun to wear! Love angie xxxx


    • Good to hear from you 🙂 Was recently in Italy and made a big effort to stop, select, buy postcards; source post office for correct stamps; then find time to write; then a couple of days to find nearest post box… took the whole week, but was very satisfying!


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