with love from Oakham, Leicestershire (1977)

With love from Oakham

Dear Hilary, hope you’re having a nice holiday – I am! At the moment we are in Rutland and we go home on Friday, hope to see you soon BYE!! Love Ida xx

Post marked ‘Oakham 5.30pm 17 Aug 1977 Leics’ as well as with the old favourite ‘Remember to use the Post Code’ and carrying the 7p stamp which was the cost of posting a small (40g) postcard in 1977

Leicestershire is a county in the middle of the UK with some beautiful market towns of which Oakham is one; close to Rutland Water and about eleven miles from the more famous Melton Mowbray.

The text is a one line status update offering no context, other than it is obviously a trip taken during school summer holidays.


This is another card from from Ida, my friend from early school days; I am not in electronic contact with her so I don’t think she has seen the blog yet; I have written her a couple of cards and messages, but it’ll probably be Christmas when I hear back from her – positively I hope!