With love from Cornwall (1991)

with love from Cornwall St Anthonys

20.5.91 Here in a lovely hotel for one week. Weather dull but went to lovely St Mawes & found sun. Most enjoyable Trust things are sorting out for you Love Auntie Vi

Another brief update from Auntie Vi, once again featuring the hotel and the weather – those stalwarts of British postcard writing!

Interestingly, Auntie Vi has written a date of 20.5.91 on the card, but the postmark can clearly be seen as ‘NEWQUAY 14 MAY 1991’ – that will remain a mystery…

1991 was a difficult year for us, and many others, as the UK was deep in recession, to which Auntie Vi makes reference in her message.


With love from Cornwall (2005)

with love from Cornwall

Hi Hilary – We’re in Cornwall at the moment – thought of you and Simon as we’re in Newquay today. Janet (Gra’s sister) is getting married on Saturday + Carrie + Ashlea are bridesmaids + I’m singing. Lots of excitement + my mum + dad are coming too. Getting about to different beaches with the children. Hope to catch up before hols are ended – will be in touch. Lots of love Sara + all xxx

Amidst all the excitement Sara has still found time to drop me a postcard – the style of writing suggests a very hectic time. Simon, my husband, comes from Cornwall, which is why she’s thought of us.

The postmark is very blurred, but I believe that it is dated 22.06.05  The other blurred postmark is asking us to ‘Please print the postcode’ – something which Sara has ignored on this occasion, and the card still arrived safely!

I haven’t seen Sara in a while, we both seem to have more time for meeting during the winter months…

with love from Cornwall (1984)

With love from Cornwall

29.5.84 Dear Hilary, Just a quick line from here in Cornwall – we are at the most West place – St Just, just me and mum on holiday for a week. Have got my ‘mock’ finals when I get back to it is ideal for working.  Hope all is well with you. Love to your family, bye for now, lots of love, Ida xxxx

Another card from Cornwall, which is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the UK.

The post mark is ‘Sennen & Land’s End, Penzance 29 May 1984’ and the stamp is 12½p the 2nd class price for a small postcard.

The illustrated map on the front shows the concentration of shipwrecks off the coast, indicated by the white dots, as well as the lighthouses (black stars) that help to guide vessels around this rocky coastline.  The Cornish Coat of Arms is also depicted with its motto ‘One and All’. A wealth of information for which the artist appears to be unacknowledged!

On the back there is more information about the wrecks, and to this day lives are lost off this savage and unpredictable coastline.

This is another card from from Ida, my friend from early school days. I like maps; postcards depicting maps are great for contextualising a place within its wider surroundings.