with love from California (2016)

With love from US

Here is a super special bonus card. it takes me hours to make something like this so i just want to let you know that you’re a great postcard pal! You’re so busy, always doing intresting places. You sent me cards when i wasn’t replying that really made me feel good. Love CBC “fish lips” 7/16

This is a beautiful original painting on a postcard, that I received the other day.  CBC has called it ‘fish lips’ – see how all the fish have big lips 🙂  I was lucky to receive it, as the number was wrong on the address; a kind hearted person obviously took it back to the post office for a second chance.

The card is postmarked ‘OAKLAND CA PM 25 Jul 2016’ and carries an unusual circular stamp, featuring an image of the moon.  This global stamp was issued earlier in 2016 and can be used to mail a one-ounce letter from the US to any country which has a First-Class international mail service.

CBC (aka Crazyruthie) follows this blog; about six months we began exchanging postcards via snail mail.  We do the odd email too, but receiving the postcards is far more exciting!  CBC always sends me an original painted one, or something hand drawn and coloured; they’re all different depending on what technique she’s experimenting with at the time.  We have become postcard pals as a result of this blog, maybe one day we’ll meet in person 🙂

with love from Stockholm, Sweden (1981)

With love from Stockholm

Hi Hilary, Thought I would drop you a line, your mum said it might surprise you. How’s life in Norway as cold as in Sweden. Might see you at Xmas Regards Bob England

A very brief status update, offering no clues as to why Bob was in Sweden…

It is postmarked ‘Stockholm 30-11-1981’ and carries a 1.75 krone stamp featuring Queen Silvia.

The front of the card features part of a watercolour painting by Rolf Lidberg – renowned for his depictions of trolls.

Bob was a work colleague of my mum’s; as I had worked at the same place during school holidays I also knew Bob. This fairly random piece of correspondence would indeed have been a ‘surprise’ and was, no doubt, gratefully received by me in Norway; it was thoughtful of him to take the time to send it. Strange that my married name is ‘England’ – no relation – and it is, in fact, a reasonably common surname here in the UK.