With love from California (2017)


Hi Hilary! It’s raining here for a week which gives me terrible.  Christmas week was nice: did a lot of decorations and sat looking at the Christmas trees and listening to Christmas music. How was your Xmas? Happy New Year

Another original design created by crazyruthie in postcard format; it must have taken ages to colour all those little shapes!

The postmark is barely visible, you can just make out the number 7 on the right which, along with the text, indicates that this card was received early in 2017 (this year).

The stamp is that Global universal stamp which, it occurs to me, may soon include the head and shoulders of the president! (Anything is possible).

Another card from CBC who I have become postcard pals with since starting this blog 🙂




5 thoughts on “With love from California (2017)

  1. i missed the party! my two old wordpress friends, talking, about moi!
    srsly, tho…
    i am outrageously sorry that i didn’t see this sooner! i’m glad you liked it! i must have been curing a little pain because none of it is done very well. lol. maybe i’ll make you a better one. sounds mindless and satisfying. lol
    i have that letter in the post to you, yes, letter! no pictures! on the way to you.
    did you know my dad lives in brighton/Hove? i’ve been to all of those places. i only wish i could live there. you can see the sea from their place.

    that’s so much for showing this! i will do something in regards to your half, something to think about. i’ve been wanting to work on this blog constantly lately. 🙂

    i should have proofread the postcard!

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