with love from Chamonix, France (2010)


Great snow; off piste most of the time but not much sunshine; good hotel on the main street of Chamonix. Jim came for three nights – he’s going to start his kids (3) off next year.  Give Kev my best wishes! I’m not surprised that your dog won’t run – it’s too fat! Love to you all Jon xxx

The French like photographing their ski resorts at night, don’t they?  This time it’s Chamonix, which also featured a few weeks ago here.

Despite obviously being written in France, the card was posted in the UK as it is postmarked ‘DORSET & W HANTS 8.30pm 23 FEB 2000’ and carries a 26p first class stamp.

In 1992 we went skiing with Andy and Kev; Jon was staying in the same chalet; we all skied together, exchanged addresses and have been skiing together most years since then. We don’t see much of each other between ski trips, although on this occasion Jon must have recently visited us in order to note our slightly overweight dog!


3 thoughts on “with love from Chamonix, France (2010)

  1. Hello Hils,
    I think you sent me a Christmas card with your lovely sheepdog and family in the picture, probably from a trip to the Lake District, as you did around then – they were great cards, reminding me of friends I didn’t see often enough, and your children who were delightful in character, and the way they changed as they grew up.
    Cards, and postcards, are fantastic, and I don’t send them enough.
    I think your blog has inspired me to correct that.
    Thanks for this great memory.
    Jon X
    PS I didn’t have a French stamp, so I posted it on the way home to Wales, I think.

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    • No one sends them enough – but much more appreciated than an on line message because of the thought and effort required 🙂 Also they stay up in the kitchen or wherever for ages – on line messages immediately become smothered by other people’s white noise! Thanks for commenting 🙂


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