with love from West Cork, Ireland (2002)

With love from West Cork

30.7.02 Just a quick ‘hi’. Hope all’s well. Had a nice week in Co. Waterford – splendid weather, fab scenery, coves, seals, beaches, jelly fish & v. friendly people. Farm was great & now over at Bantry Bay generally poking about. Lovely mussels & boys enjoying it all! Hope to see you after 5/8 – love to all – Alison + Bells

Here’s another message waxing lyrical about Ireland; Alison and the Bells certainly seem to be making the most of it 🙂 It looks very picturesque, however, for a professional shot, it is a shame that the horizon is not level!

The card is postmarked ‘DURAS 01.8.02′ and carries a 41 cent Europa stamp.  2002 was the inaugural competition for the best Europa stamp design.

I became friends with Alison when our children were small. We shared a love of encouraging play in the countryside and enjoyed many days of riverside picnics, water fights, dam building,  football and rounders matches.  These days Alison and I still meet regularly for walks, which inspire our art and poetry 🙂


3 thoughts on “with love from West Cork, Ireland (2002)

  1. Another old friend. It’s so great that you do things together. You must be so comfortable together! (I only say that because my therapist and I were discussing my problem of not feeling comfortable around anybody last week.)😞


      • True. I’d prefer to keep my distance, but because of the bipolar I sometimes have poor judgement about things like that.

        I got your Dali postcards yesterday! I love them! When we went to visit the in-laws who live in Florida. We we to a Dali museum. Pretty cool!

        I didn’t expect that you’d link the drawing the best! I have fun drawing stuff like that but nobody seems to like them. Fun! I’ll draw some of the cards I sent. I’m working on ideas for next one!


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