with love from Southborough, Kent (1981)

with love from Kent

Hello there its me here working far too hard in boring Kent. Just thought I’d send a post card. The journey back was o.k. The test on Monday was alright, nothing to worry about! Going home tomorrow thank God! I will be in touch in the near future.  Love Gerard. xx P.S. Does this count as a letter

Similar to the other card from Southborough this one is dated earlier the same year, carrying the postmark ‘TUNBRIDGE WELLS 6.45pm 15 JAN 1981 KENT’ together with the detailed Pantiles postmark.

This card again features David Salomon‘s house, which in the 1980’s was a regional conference and training centre.

Since I’ve got several cards featuring this building I’m assuming that Gerard was based there for some reason. The text suggests that he’d been to visit me and this must have been the final time that we met, although correspondence continued for several more years. To date I have not managed to reconnect with Gerard…

5 thoughts on “with love from Southborough, Kent (1981)

  1. I’ve been doing a bit of clearing out and coming across some letters. It’s always interesting how they take you back. I used to have a friend who didn’t have phone. We always arranged visits by mail, down to the fine detail sometimes. We lost touch a few years ago; her decision. I still think about her, and miss the times we had. I only have inklings of why she wanted to cut me out of her life, and of course, it still hurts.


    • I’d forgotten the people who didn’t have a phone, back in the day! What an effort it was to organise things…I’m sorry you lost contact 😦 Landlines – having to wait until after 6pm because it was cheaper, having to ask permission to call ‘long distance’, sitting in a freezing hallway, or worse, standing in a smelly call box…

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      • And this wasn’t so many years ago either! My friend lived in a high rise block of flats, there was one phone box for everyone. Actually, this has just reminded me of the letters I found that my Dad wrote to my Mum when they were courting. They arranged their dates by letter.

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