with love from Cumbria (2015)

With love from Keswick (2015)

Tuesday. Bowness by Bus Dear Hilary, Simon, Tallulah & Gus, Another beautiful day & we’ve come by bus to Bowness. It’s lovely with a busy ‘waterfront’ & we are going back to Ambleside later on a big steamer. Can’t remember when I last went on a steamer – on the Thames I guess. Counting my blessings a lot. Hope all is well with you all. Love A&T xxxx

The picture is of Surprise View, probably the most iconic view of the Lake District and A&T are lucky enough to be enjoying some good weather during their visit to the area.

The card is post marked ‘LANCASHIRE 13 OCT 2015’ and also carries the timely reminder to ‘REMEMBER TO USE THE POSTCODE’ – amazingly this is now four decades after postcodes became mandatory in the UK. Do we really still need reminding?

A&T are my parents, but because the card is to all of us and we all call them different things (mum&dad, A&T, Nan&Grandpa) my Mum has chosen the A&T moniker on this occasion.  As a child I enjoyed many family holidays in Cumbria, and this card brings back happy memories: long summer days, camping, sailing, messing about in streams, climbing mountains… As I mentioned last timeI feel very lucky to have both my own parents still alive and my in-laws, healthy and happily married – in both cases for 58 years! 

6 thoughts on “with love from Cumbria (2015)

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  2. Sounds like wonderful vacationing! We (mom&dad&i) went to Michigan every summer because both parents are from there and 90% of the extended family is there. The relatives are all over the state. My cousin lives in Detroit gah! Lol. Since both my mom and dad were teachers we all had the entire summer off. My maternal grandma lived way up north, by Canada, in the woods in a log cabin on a lake. I went fishing in the lake in a little motorboat with my grandpa. My cousins and I got to wander anywhere we wanted during daylight. But way up there, in high summer, it stayed light almost til 10pm. Sort of like your lake county holidays. ☺️ Good memories

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