with love from La Côte Bleue, France (2015)

With love from La Cote Bleue

Dear Hilary It’s not Grece, but almost! I am for 1 week South of France, nearby Marseilles and it’s very beautiful. A place to see. And you’re reight it’s fun to recieve post card. I like it too!!! Have a nice summer. Bises Christine

France again and a hand written, physical status update postcard from this month!

The post mark date is 03-08-15

The stamp carries the detail 20g which helpfully indicates the weight of mail for which it is valid.

La Côte Bleue is to the west of Marseilles, so named because of the particular blue of the sea in the area. The picture shows one of the several viaducts carrying the rail tracks, which run for 32km offering spectacular views of the coast and all its narrow, steep walled inlets, or ‘calanques’ as they are known.

Swiss Christine has been inspired by this blog to send me another postcard to add to the collection -it’s good to hear from her again and to know that we have been exchanging news for 34 years!  

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