with love from Cannes, France (1981)

With love from Cannes 1981

Dear Hilary, At present I’m sitting on the beach at Cannes. oggling “Sorry Sight seeing”. Weather is so hot. I’m also as brown as you were after your topless and bottomless hols. Off to the rich mans land of Monta-Carlo tomorrow. Hope to see you at xmas Love Martyn

Post marked ‘Cagnes sur Mer Alpes Mmes 5-8-1981’ (Mmes is an abbreviation of Maritimes), with a 1 Franc 20 centimes stamp.

Cagnes sur Mer is about 22km (15 miles) from Cannes on the French Riviera.

A simple update from a teenage boy more interested in the bodies on the beach than the history of the area!

I cannot recall Martyn, but the content suggests that we were friends at 6th form college. Topless and bottomless refers to a recent trip I’d made with the Canadian boyfriend, when we’d visited the naturist beach at Studland, Dorset. This card would have been gratefully received just after my arrival in Norway, when news from friends and home was such a treat.


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