with love from Poreca, Yugoslavia (1982)

With love from Poreca Yugoslavia

Having a superb holiday here in Yugoslavia. Weather perfect & sea crystal clear & warm. Ideal for snorkling. Yesterday we had a mini cruise to Venice which was as fascinating as ever – if hot, expensive & crowded! Rovinj, the town we are staying in, is most attractive, cobbled streets, busy harbour, pine trees etc. Hope all with you & will see you on your return! Love Auntie Joyce & Bert

The picturesque coast of Western Yugoslavia was a popular holiday destination in the late seventies and early eighties.  The area maintains its appeal, as Croatia, after the break up of Yugoslavia. Poreca, featured in the picture on the front, is about half an hour away from Rovinj, where Auntie Joyce was staying and where the card is postmarked; date 12.6.1982

Venice (North East Italy), is just across the water.

The stamp is 5,60 Dinar, the currency at the time.  It is now the Croatian Kuna.

Auntie Joyce is my Godmother, Bert was her second husband. She is a ‘courtesy’ aunt; an old friend of my parents. Her first husband is my Godfather. Auntie Joyce enjoyed several holidays in Yugoslavia, with both husbands. The card was sent to Norway, towards the end of my time there, hence the reference to my imminent return. Although I have not seen Auntie Joyce for many years, we still exchange news in Christmas cards and via my parents.


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